Saturday, January 11, 2014

Time w/the hubs

Long week? Check
In need of some snuggle time? Check
Stayed in my PJ's all day? Check (only in RL though!)

Today I got to spend the day w/my loving adorable husband in SL. We talked, snuggled, , meddled w/my graphics settings a little bit, and just in general enjoyed the heck out of each other's presence so near to each other while we are literally half way around the world from each other. As my timer ticked down for Daddy to leave for the day I told him to hurry & get dressed we were heading off somewhere & it was important!

I took my nearest TP to my friend's photo studio & waited for him to get dressed. When he arrived I immediately got to work. It's always fun when I get to order HIM around for things versus the other way around. I took a few pictures between the lovey dovey talk & fooled around a little in a photo editor for them. I forgot to have him tell me what he was wearing while I was worried about getting some decent shots. We don't get to spend as much time together as I, well really either of us would like, so we lack pictures of us together. I wanted to get some of us before too long. And yes, that is a pregnant belly you see. And yes we will have one of those scary yet somehow cute prim crack babies otherwise known as Zooby babies.

Fezes are cool

What's around me:
.click. - The Wait - pic #2
<K&S> Happiness ~ 008. Poses -pic #1 & #3

What I'm wearing
Shape - my own
Skin - 7 Deadly s{k}ins - Feeb's Rascall MADILU
Hair - >Truth< Jade - sangria
Hairbase - /Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase - LONG - Dark Flame
Eyes - IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Faerie Green (ML)
Piercing - dl:: Nose Piercing
Lips: [mock]Cherry Red Aqua gloss
Hands - Slink Elegant
Nail Polish - VIVID [Slink Nails Appliers] Polish Pack 4
Eyebrow - .ploom. Eyebrow Shaper [pointy]
Collar - [Tethered] Collar -My Heart is Caged- Eternity- Vintage Silver
Ring - *INFINITY* Princess Wedding Ring Set
Outfit - Sn@tch This Dusty Jewel Rose

What Daddy is wearing
Sorry folks, all I've got atm is the hair is from LAQ & his ring, obviously is the match to mine.

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