Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Of Coffee and books

It's been a long day for me. I woke up about 20 hours ago, made myself some chicory coffee & took 2 quick pictures. A note on all my pics. I don't photoshop them. What you see is fairly close to what I see in SL every day. I do edit to do fun stuff like crop, blur around the edges, change the tint to be more vintage looking etc. But for now no other kinds of special effects.

So anyway, here I am in RL at 4am w/coffee brewing & thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to mimic RL in SL for just a moment.

I sat down to get comfy next to a pile of books at home w/a huge cup of coffee while I waited for my RL coffee to finish brewing so I could start my day off right & enjoy the warmest temp's we had in nearly 3 days.

I look so much more with it in SL than I did before that first jolt of pure caffeine passed though my system.

What's around me:
Pose - .mien. {cold hands, warm tea} #3
DIGS- Stephenson Bookcase
.floorplan. book clutter
Alouette - Balanced Bookshelf - White
.floorplan. hanging lightbulb (added a light script to the bulb since I cannot run in full out ultra graphics, the option needed for the glow to work as it does in her ad's crashes my SL out)
7 - Time Travel Poster (Seven Emporium)
*ionic* Adonde maps
MESHWORX - Urban Oasis (From Collabor88 Nov I think)

What I'm wearing
Shape - my own
Skin - 7 Deadly s{k}ins - Feeb's Rascall MADILU
Hair - >Truth< Jade - sangria
Hairbase - /Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase - LONG - Dark Flame
Eyes - IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Faerie Green (ML)
Piercing - dl:: Nose Piercing
Hands - Slink Elegant
Eyebrow - .ploom. Eyebrow Shaper [pointy]
Collar - [Tethered] Collar -My Heart is Caged- Eternity- Vintage Silver
Ring - *INFINITY* Princess Wedding Ring Set
Dress - ::Sn@tch Veronica Cardi Dress (Purple)
Leggins: Tee*fy Scribble Dots Leggins (from the Inspiration Point Hunt (Dec '13)
Boots - Indigo Oddities - Motley Heels (most likely from a Twisted Hunt)

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