Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nesting in the New House

I made the decision about 2 weeks ago that my house was simply too big. Did I love it beyond all measure? YES! Did I think it lacked anything in substance & style? Not a chance. What it did lack however was the ability for me to feel like I was in a home versus being in a 3 floor warehouse. Not that I wasn't going for the warehouse feel, it just simply got to be too much for me. I like things small, cozy, packed with things that are meaningful & relevant. You can't truly do that in a big old warehouse-y house. So I searched for no less than 5 days solid for the perfect house. I had stumbled upon a store called {iD} and the creator had some cute little places out for sale. I spent a few nights on the sim looking at the homes set out as stores. I fell in love with one but had difficulty in picturing it, as is, on my land with room for 2 bedrooms. Then it hit me. Oh sweet inspiration! I immediately clicked on Pay & went home to start fresh.

There were some bumps & some cursing & some wth moments based on how the textures were laid in floors & walls. Another night went by & I had my home laid out perfectly for how I wanted it. Bigger, roomier on the bedroom platforms, more space in the kitchen. I was happy. The next night I started out getting things out of my inventory. Since I just dropped my house from 145 prim to 30 I was giddy! I labored over several items the following week. I've gotten the vast majority of my home set now. As I go I will get photo frames out & fill those up w/the pictures I take for here & continue to add more knick knacks as we see fit to bring to our home. I was going to take some pictures but then my friend Merci stopped over & told me she was pregnant with twins. So we got kind of side tracked. The next few pictures I take will be of just the house, mostly because I look like a house right now. 26 more days until I give birth in SL! Then I get mesh back. YAY!!!!


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