Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And Baby Makes Three

What started out as a random night out for me on August 11, 2013 has grown into something so utterly amazing I just don't have the words to describe it. My home in SL is with Him & now our family has grown.

In October or so we decided that we would go for it & try to get pregnant. We wanted a lengthy pregnancy, something more closely approximating what a RL pregnancy would be like. Then "it" happened. Daddy lost internet due to a dumb weather front & his company decided to just not restore the lines out to his island. Suddenly the pregnancy was a place for me to feel like he was there with me even when he wasn't. We were already separated by literally half the world & 13 hours difference. What was a little internet outage to us? Thankfully not much.

After much thought & debating over a when, we had the chance last night to go ahead & give birth to our littlest princess. Daddy assisted in the delivery & I let him do everything for her first. He fed her, changed her, dressed her for bed & laid her down while we held each other and just basked in the glow of our family. To say that I am happy isn't even accurate. I am beyond elated to have a baby with this man, my rock & source of comfort. My friends laugh at me. The woman who picked up & moved, after causing a lil ruckus about a few prim babies on a previous sim that was left out 24/7 on top of other things but really it was the chick leaving her 3 kids out all freaking day that made me irate. And here I am a year later with a baby of my own, a man who is my everything. I tried to edit out the baby, that alien thing that .... well it's kinda freaky to give birth w/the MA HUD. 'Nuff said.

No credits, this is not about fashion tonight. This is my heart, laid out for all the world to see. My Daddy & our princess.

p.s. I'm proud of his makeover. He let me do it for his Valentine's Day present. We picked the stores, he got what he wanted with input from me on what I liked & I was his little SugaMomma for the tab. :)

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